Virtual Running
Updated :9th January 2022

To sustain the Competitive urge Club member Rory Jordan suggested we should organise a virtual competition that individual members can run wherever they are and then put their times on the Strava site. To that end Rory has set up a Milocarian page, so please give it a try, starting with a 5km contest. The choice of course is down to each of you according to what is covid-proof and convenient.

The rules are set out below:

1. Search on Strava for
2. Log in or sign up to enter.
3. Designate your 5km or 10km course - where, how many laps - and run it at a date and time of your choosing, before the end of this month.
4.You will need to upload your time from Strava, Garmin or other suitable GPS app.
5. Results will be published every 2 weeks here and club points awarded - first results of the second season are up!

If there is sufficient interest we will add other distances in subsequent months - please send suggestions - and possibly compile league tables of times over the course of - say - three months based on a virtual race or races once a fortnight, 

Our Chairman Neil Wood would welcome any comments on the idea and how it should be run and I accept that we will probably have to make some changes in the light of experience, so please feel free to raise any reservations. 

Results will appear on a link below when available.

Note: We will allocate 50 points for the best time, 49 for the next and so on. If a session has more than 50 participants then the scoring will require adjustment!

Combined - click here    Men - click here    Ladies - click here

End result from the first Virtual Champ Season

End result from the second Virtual Champ Season

End result from the third Virtual Champ Season